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Date: 2018-02-23 14:31

Hi. Thanks for all the information on your site. We have been feeding our labrador retriever raw for over a year. We started when she turned one year old. She has done very well, is very healthy and energetic, and at a great weight. We have fed her a combination of raw beef heart (morning) and chicken with bone (evening), mostly, with raw beef or chicked liver for 8775 treats 8776 sometimes, or other beef. We also give her doggie multi-vitamins. She has eaten strictly raw meet, no grains, for over a year. We did not feed her ground beef because we tried it and it made her ill. I believe you have to kind of experiment a *censored* if you want to feed your dog raw to see what works and by introducing one type of meet at a time. Most people start with chicken from what I understand. One thing we have learned is that we have to make sure the meat is fresh and does not contain any bad smell that a dog can detect when meat is not so fresh. We had to actually give it to her somewhat frozen to mask the smell a bit at times when we failed to freeze the meat immediately after purchasing it. The process of chopping up the meat in portions and freezing it is a lot of work. We were actually considering going back to commercial dog food since this is so much work. We plan to get another dog and we just can 8767 t see doubling the work, not to mention the cost. We 8767 re at a crossroads and quite sure what to do now. I would hate to throw away the obvious benefits of feeding her such a rich and healthy diet. I tried introducing 8775 Taste of the Wild 8776 brand dog food which is supposed to be pretty good ingredients and she turned her nose up at it without added gravy. At this point it might make sense to get a meat grinder and grind up the beef heart and chicken (seperately) instead of trying to chop it all up and portion it out. We have a serious meat clever and I still spend all evening in the kitchen doing this job when we first bring home a new batch of meat for her it 8767 s exhausting! Maybe with a meat grinder that you could add bone to and everything (the bone is a crucial part of the diet), and with added rice, we may be able to sustain feeding our dog (s) raw. I hope so. I kind of shudder at commercial dog foods after all the efforts we have made. I looked at the ingredients in Science Diet and was amazed at that crap. Anyway, thanks, your site is kind of inspiring me to consider sticking to it and maybe finding better ways to make it work. Any other suggestions are welcome!

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